Nubian Village

Nubian Village

Nubian Villages at Gharb Aswan

Nubian Village Aswan, the three Nubian Villages that are set in a beautiful landscape of the palm trees are located in the bottom of the Elephantine Islands. Have a great time as you undergo the experience of how they earn tie livelihood that they happily show to you. In the Pharaonic times these villages of great significance as they wee source of gold.

Nubians are the ancient tribes who inhabited this part of Aswan. These people who are of a simple taste and innocent nature stand in stark contrast to the Arab countrymen. It is almost like ancient and traditional wonders in the modern world.


Some colourful drawings on a Nubian Village  A Pretty House in a Nubian Village  Spices and dyes for sale at Nubian Market tabhauser in Nubian village near Aswan  Spices and dyes for sale at Nubian Market tabhauser in Nubian Village  Nubian village near the first cataract of the Nile at Aswan  House of Kush (Cush) in Nubian Village  House front Nubian Village Aswan  Henna tattoos on hands at Nubian House in the Nubian Village    Nubian House at Edge of Village  Nile near Nubian Village in Aswan

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